Saturday, April 18, 2009

pretty maids all in a row


"Pretty maids all in a row" popped in my head the other day and I decided to do a version of it in "red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in His sight".

Sunday, April 5, 2009

fragile love

Recently I joined a yahoo group called ArtSisters, and this is my first offering, though in different versions, to 6 ladies. The spring colors, stitches on the musical 'nest' and beeswax coating give a softness to the message. Spring is my favorite season...there's so much hope prevailing, and new life arising and sweet songs filling the air. I've been in such a long winter season in my life, and 6 months of snow in Montana seems to emphasize it too much! 

In the celebrations at hand the pagan themes of the Easter season have never been my focus (though an egg hunt is always enjoyed!)...but so much of this season brings for me a clearer vision of new life in Christ, and reminds me of the supernatural rebirth I experienced in Him when I was 21 yrs. young! Life is so fragile...and as I write those words, the Elton John song rings back through my mind..."Love is the open-in door, Love is what we came here one could offer you you know what I mean, have your eyes really seen?"