Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mad Tea Party 2010 Special Giveaway

The amazing dollmaker Christine Avarado of Du Buh Du Designs is celebrating her 200th post and special giveaway of one of her most lovely dolls pictured or a custom design of the winner's choosing, for the Mad Tea Party 2010!! The contest ends July 4th, so hurry on over to her wonderful site and be carried away in the rickshaw along the enchanted river of dreams.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Better late than never!

I know, it's been too many moons since I last posted...but for now I will share a few highlights of the past month, and my recent trip to CA. to pick up my youngest daughter Mariyah after her boarding school let out in Monterey. On the way I was able to spend some time with my oldest daughter Shekinah, and one & only most precious grand-daughter Sofia. We even got to spend a fun day at Disneyland for her 3rd birthday!

Then onto my mom's home for a week, where I got to see a few other friends and family. Here is pictured my beautiful niece Courtney and my mom (86 years!) Doesn't she look great!

From their homes in So. CA. I made my way up to visit sweet friends in Santa Cruz and shared a delightful meal and good night's sleep.

I always love to bask in the beauty of my friend Ray's courtyard and inspiring, artful home.

Then early the next morning, I went onto Monterey and loaded up Mariyah & her 'stuff'. She could hardly wait to be headed home to Montana for the summer!

The next day we arrived at my sister Lori's beautiful home in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She is a new blogger and has recently rediscovered her passion for painting, and is such an amazing artist! You must check out her blog (! I love all the special 'still life' around her home.

Heading home to Montana from Cali is always such a long road, but always so good to be back with my beautiful daughters & friends. Pictured are 4 of the 6 girls, l-r: Zionah, Mariyah, Miriam, the lovely Yim-Q, and Mikaelah (Shekinah & Shariyah are missing).

My girls and our extended 'family' shared some amazing meals together with Yim-Q's Vietnamese cuisine...loved that gorgeous, flowering papaya salad!!

Then we spent the evening listening to the band rehearse. The photo is of my girl Miriam & her love Micheal, lead singer & songwriter for their music. Check it out:

Before the band left Montana for their Pacific Coast tour, Yim-Q and her & Marco's baby Carmela, stayed with us a few days. How sweet it is to have a baby around the house!!

Farewell gathering of the kids at my home the morning they left on tour....sweet blessings of life and family!!