Saturday, August 20, 2011


we just returned from a great celebration of the birthday of a dear friend and
'angel dad' (doug), for whom i made this script and framed it in an antique swivel frame to remind him daily in his office, how each day comes bearing it's own gifts for us to untie the ribbon and behold blessings of newness...fresh beginnings.

the celebrations have abounded recently with birthdays also for 2 of my 6 daughters, and i've pulled out of the volumes of old photos some favorites, along with so many precious memories of their childhood, growing up in the hills and hollers of rural tennessee.
these first two are of mariyah, my youngest 'baby'...riding on the golden hay pulled out of a stuffed mattress we found in the loft of the old barn in the 100 yr. old homestead house, where the creek flowed below the front porch that the girl's daily played in and hunted crawdads and frogs. mariyah is now 17 and a beautiful young lady, still loving the simple life in montana.

and then, mikaelah is above mariyah in birth order, who just turned 20 yrs. and also lives nearby on the land in montana these days...and is also an amazing artist (check out her charcoal drawing of the old gypsy woman in my etsy!). these 2 photos were taken of mikaelah when we lived on a 300 acre cotton farm, in an old 6 bedroom plantation home built in 1887 in tennessee. mikaelah was born in that old house and loved to hunt arrowheads and relics in the fields and elk river on the property. she is still a collector of very select old treasures, and hopes to study classical realism in florence, italy someday.

my youngest girls, mikaelah & mariyah...growing into beautiful young women...who i hope and pray will always aspire to all the highest and best that their Father-God has designed for their lives.