i've been an artist all my life, but not until i gave birth to 6 daughters did i start doing art commercially.
i saw a classified ad in 'mothering' magazine for some beautiful handmade, waldorf-style dolls and i knew this was the type of doll i wanted for my girls, but they were too expensive for a single mom of 6! i wrote to the dollmaker and asked if she'd like to trade dolls for art, as she just had a simple brochure with a child-like line rendering. this was the humble beginning of 'magic cabin' catalog (www.magiccabin.com)  for which i created the visual identity and it continued as a completely illustrated catalog for nearly 20 yrs. supporting cottage industries that make natural fiber, heirloom crafted, alternative toys for children.

a few years ago my work with magic cabin ended and i began exploring different art styles and stumbled upon mixed media, which i am enjoying tremendously!
my daughters are all amazing artists too, and this blog often features many of their works, some listed in my etsy as well.  i also enjoy doing children's book illustration and am available for work in this area as well as custom pieces.

with warm blessings,