Saturday, March 24, 2012

blessed be the works of her hands

last year, during the blogging event "one world one heart" i 'met' the most wonderful woman who was the winner of my art piece offered in this event. this loving lady~ suzy quaife, creator of suzyqusthreadworks blog, has become a dear part of my life. her heart and hands are gifted with so much love, overflowing into every fibre and fabric in which she creates the most luscious pieces of inspiration that could be imagined. and on her blog she often takes one on walks on her enchanted grounds, through flower and vegetable gardens, and pathways leading into pieces of paradise. suzy surrounds her home in the far southern coast of new south wales with beauty, and beauty is the fabric of her life.
recently i received a wonderful package from her, allowing me to feel and smell her fragrance...her heart and soul. this journal is layered with treasured pieces she has collected, inspiring me too, to add my treasures. i love how a rainbow appeared on the forehead on the face of the lovely lady on it's cover as it was photographed! blessed be the works of her hands.

if this beautiful journal were not enough, suzy gifted me with more pieces of old which could be used in further embellishing it's contents or other projects. her cup overflows into mine. how blessed i am to have such a special friend, who has shared so much of her heart offering in gifts, letters and continual support and love.

we shall look forward to more opportunities to connect with other friends afar in blogland, through lisa swifka's international blogwide event upcoming...our world~our art. thank you lisa for creating such an event to bring artists & bloggers together. thank you suzy-q for your beautiful love.