Wednesday, June 22, 2011


it is the 25th birthday of my beautiful daughter zionah! how she has changed from this sweetie by the sheller, when we lived on the cotton plantation in the hills of tennessee. she loved sitting in the early mornings, listening quietly to the mourning doves and whippoorwills, frolicking in the hills and dales with her 5 sisters (she was the 3rd in birth-order), dancing with the fire-flies.

i had wanted to get her a pair of doves as a birthday gift, and yesterday a lady called from a 'potting shed' nursery nearby to ask if i wanted a flock of doves (around 15!), newly hatched baby, and the beautiful handmade cage...for free!! listening to the doves will bring back memories of those precious chapters of our lives...and zionah is so excited as well!!

this photo was taken about 6 months ago, when zionah moved from our home in nw montana, to so. montana, where she now lives and works. this is her wolf-malmute dog 'cheveyah', meaning spririt-warrior.
and here is my spirit-warrior woman-child in a day of play. my heart prayer is that she continue to seek after the Great Spirit Creator God, and know and walk in the miraculous way of the Almighty One, in love & truth...all the days of her life. i love you zionah.