Friday, April 22, 2011

sunshine on a grey day

it's been grey for weeks now...snowed the past 3 days, after the earth was finally visible and we really thought that spring had held her ground. but this dance of the seasons continue, and winter is not letting go easily this year. my being longs for warmth and light...for eternal spring.
and then this ray breaks through...a treasury with my painting 'the glance' featured... and the title, bringing hope and reminding me that behind the clouds the sun is always shining.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

OWOH giftings!

i have been waiting to post my winnings from the incredible One World One Heart gathering of bloggers until all had been received, but though one prize has still not made it's way to me, i can wait no longer!! it has been exciting to find each of the 5 gifts i won so specially created by such a unique array of artisans! i love each and every gift and encourage ya'll to check out their blogs to see more of the amazing works of their hands!!

1. a very exquisite bracelet by Debi Levine of where you'll find such lovely jewelry and art with a message of peace and harmony.
2. a most beautiful felted landscape i treasure created by Michelle Wilkinson, an incredible fiber and mixed media artist @
3. lovely handcrafted clay beads of my favorite color by claymates: Carolyn & Dave Good, who make beautiful wearable art pieces & jewelry for the home you'll have to check out @
4. a whimsical beaded art doll 'far out' by Laura Obiso, using a tie from Jerry Garcia of the grateful dead for a dress! far out! aside from other art dolls, she is an amazing mixed media & fiber artist @ http//
5. such an amazing signed copy of Kim Nugent's own book: "Interactive Art Workshop: Set Your Mixed Media in Motion" which is full of incredible projects to inspire any artist! Kim also creates beautiful journals of her art, and does unique assemblage works which you can see @

Thank you again each one for your wonderful gifts from your hearts!!