Friday, April 22, 2011

sunshine on a grey day

it's been grey for weeks now...snowed the past 3 days, after the earth was finally visible and we really thought that spring had held her ground. but this dance of the seasons continue, and winter is not letting go easily this year. my being longs for warmth and light...for eternal spring.
and then this ray breaks through...a treasury with my painting 'the glance' featured... and the title, bringing hope and reminding me that behind the clouds the sun is always shining.


Tammie said...

good day dear Abigail,
a lovely treasury to be part of, lovely that your art is honored this way.

my forest is white and snow dresses the earth, a different kind of spring. I remember the first year I was here, on Earth Day (today) I found a ducks nest under a tree. I wonder if they have nested yet this year....

suziqu's thread works said...

This is more than a little ray of sunshine - this is a big beam of shining light acknowledging the beauty and inspiration that this beautiful soul brings to the hearts of so many!
Dearest Abigail the little bird is
guiding you!
Big love, big hugs,

JUNE said...

Hello sweet Abigail...your painting is beautiful...we need to catch up, it's been a while. You are always in our thoughts...mucho mucho love to you, june