Saturday, January 21, 2012

art abounding!

recently my daughters and i were asked to be apart of a Winter Solstice art display, and now we have been asked to display our work for a Winter carnival art walk in our quaint little town of Whitefish, Montana. i am amazed at what my girls are doing (all self-taught), and they are all busy now on more paintings every moment they can steal away! how they inspire me!! (these paintings are from the 3 girls who live here...the other 3 are amazing artists as well!!)

This maasii boy and 'raw sugar' (sold) below are done by miriam- soon to be 23 yrs.

the graphite piece below is amazing...almost photographic work, done by mikaelah, 20 yrs.

my youngest mariyah is 17 years, and has only been doing art for the past year. she (and we) were amazed at what she has done! the paintings below of john lennon and jimi hendrix (sold) are fabulous! and the scratch board art of her sister zionah & wolf dog shaveya she just finished...a belated christmas gift for her sister! incredible detail!!!

the 3 below are some mixed media pieces i have recently done...experimenting with different papers and mediums! what fun!! so much art abounding from our family these Winter days!