Saturday, January 24, 2009

One World, One Heart


This is a world-wide blog giveaway event that you are invited to enter, whether you are a blogger or not! The main idea of this effort is to unite lovers of art, to bring bloggers together, and to let everyone know about all the beautiful things that people are we can all be inspired!!! This is a wonderful place to see what creative juices are flowing globally, and to encourage everyone to keep doing it...sharing the LOVE!
When you click on the globe "One World, One Heart" it will take you into this wonder-land where new blogs are posted daily, with prizes, until the winners are announced on February 12th.
So please leave a comment on this post (along with your email address if you don't have a blog) and enter this drawing for one of the two art prints that I, Abigail Folk, or Kage Harp are offering. And then, on February 12th we will contact the two winners!!

Our two winners will have the choice of one of the following:


Mixed media print "Frida" by Kage Harp


Mixed media print "Queen of Hearts" by Abigail Folk

We'd like to invite you to follow our new blog as we will be listing artwork weekly! Warm welcome to you!! To follow our blog, just click on
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009



This is the wonderful, providential beginnings of Rusted Wings...and our first blog entry!!

A few months ago as I was strolling my 1st grand~baby Sofia around the side-streets of our little mountain town of Whitefish, I stopped directly in front of a small red barn, which used to be an antique store. Now it was empty, and on the door was a sign that read "for rent". Immediately, out of my mouth, OUT LOUD, I said..."what a perfect art studio and gallery!" At the time, I had my art desk in the only space available in my recently purchased and renovated 1300 sq.ft. cottage-home, where I live with 3 of my 6 daughters, and little Sofia. I so needed my own work space, and a new job, as I've been illustrator for the alternative toy catalog Magic Cabin since it's inception almost 20 yrs. ago, and now, under new ownership, I am getting very little work anymore with 4 other artists working as well!

Two days after this experience, and with continued prayers and thoughts, I got a phone call from one of my favorite artist-friends, Kage Harp. She told me that she had finally found a house to move to, and behind the house there was this cute little red barn....for rent! Then she said the exact words to me that I spoke aloud 2 days before when I stood outside that vacant barn..."what a perfect art studio and gallery it would be"....and did I want to rent it with her!!?? I immediately, without hesitation said, YES!!! What a powerful, affirming moment of the manifestation of a dream, and clearly, a higher plan...God's will!!!

So the dream is now becoming a reality, and we will be opening the door of Rusted Wings Gallery at the end of this month. It will show-case the works of some other great artists in the valley and beyond, as well as our own art. Many of these pieces will be listed on our etsy site, so check it out too!

We want this blog to journal the unfolding of events and beautiful art that develops over the weeks and months of our journey. We hope to connect with many other visionaries and artists out there in blog land, and get to know more of our extended family, and to inspire each other!