Monday, March 2, 2009

OWOH Winnings!

It has been so exciting to repeatedly open my mailbox and to find a variety of gifts I won from the OWOH Giveaway!  I have received 4 wonderful gifts that I'd love to share with you and encourage you to visit these artist's sites....

The first arrival from the UK was a gift tag and bookmark that are so detailed and lovely from  Thank you Amanda!!  You must visit her wonder-ful site...she is such a sweetie!

Then a great book called "Juice it up" arrived from
I am looking forward to an internal "spring cleaning" soon, and this book has some creative recipes for raw meals in a glass!  Thank you Enzie!  She's got some other amazing art blogs you should check out!

Kelly at sent a sweet handmade fabric card with ribbon closure with a few blank pages for some art or favorite embellished verses.  Thanks Kelly!

And then my "hoped for" win was realized with a wonderful gift wrapped in and old quilt block and silk ribbon from JoAnnA at !!  It is a most elegant antique bottle filled with mica flakes and pink & silver German glass glitter, with a beautiful soldered heart and vintage jewelry piece.  Thank you JoAnna for such a generous gift from our heart to mine!  And you must check out JoAnna's beautiful site and online workshops!!!
Blessings on you all!!!

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Her Art Nest said...

Thank you for sharing your artwork. This piece is just amazing. Yes, children can test our strengths. Beautiful job! ~Nan