Monday, May 4, 2009

altered words

In our 'Lucky 13' group we recently had a theme on 'words' and this collage is what came to me. AFTER finishing it, I thought of the story in on the Tower of Babel (babel meaning confusion), where according to chapter 11 in Genesis, there was  a united group of people who spoke one language and decided to build this tower so immense that it would have "its top to the heavens".  Unfortunately, the vain glory of man's works  motivated the efforts, instead of God's glory, and the fruits of the project came to be a confusion of languages, altered words, and a scattered people.
I just read a beautiful poem of Hafiz, the old Persian poet, on words... "when the words stop, and you can endure the silence that reveals your heart's pain of emptiness or that great wrenching-sweet longing, that is the time to try and listen to what the Beloved's eye most want to say."


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Joanne Huffman said...

I think this is a beautiful tribute to listening to "the still small voice" within.