Thursday, September 10, 2009

My daughter's wedding


What a Day of Days!! On July 26, 2009 my precious daughter Shariyah became the blushing bride of Cameron Morris, her kiwi love. They have a storybook tale of God's miraculous Providence as they followed His leading and grew in love from the first day of meeting and kept their relationship pleasing to Him, with a faithful vow of purity and chastity until the day of their marriage! What a high standard and depth of holy love! It was wonderful to have all of her 5 sisters, and Cameron's sister Shea as bridesmaids, and a beautiful blending of our families in a lovely spot in Santa Barbara, CA. These first photos are the amazing works of Joy Marie at and scroll down to Santa Barbara wedding, Shariyah & Cameron.

Shariyah & Cameron reside in his homeland of New Zealand....and you can visit Shariyah's blog at


pinkglitterfae said...

Congratulations! what a handsome couple they are!
and those photos are stunning! I wish them both a long and blessed life together.

Joanne Huffman said...

Absolutely beautiful photos of what was obviously a joyful event. It looks like a very joyful time. I bet you have a lot of great memories from this.

How are you doing? Did you sell your house?

jasmoon-butterfly said...

wow...wonderful congrats xxxxxxxxxx

Tammie Lee said...

many blessing of love to Shariyah and Cameron. Congratulations on your new son in law! much love,

Kiva said...

Congratulations to the lovely couple and to both families. The pics are gorgeous and I love those red shoes. Peace and Blessings!

Lisa Valencia said...

Amazing.....just amazing! An amazing story about some amazingly beautiful people, in a stunningly beautiful place with amazingly awesome photographs! Ain't life great?