Saturday, February 4, 2012

sweet swaps

today i received a lovely little envelope from the UK...from micki wilde of the secret hermit, who began the sweetest art swap last month, in which all who signed up would make a piece of art and micki in turn would send off one of her lovelies, which i am so blessed to receive:
this beautiful piece resonates within, and the solitude of the night she whispers her secrets. oh how i love this....and it's true in my many nights of praying in faith and hope! thank you so much micki for this treasured piece!!!

my swapped piece was this small, framed painting entitled 'finding feathers' which i'm so glad has winged it's way to it's new home with micki!! blessings be!


Tammie Lee said...

I loved finding you at the post office this morning just as you opened your painting from Micki. I think i was as happy to see it as you were. simple pleasures and awesome treasures! Her piece is wonderful!

I love your painting Abigail! Love love the feathers, details and the strength and beauty of this woman. You are a wonderful artist whom i admire greatly!

xo and love,

The Secret Hermit said...

Hi Abigail, I am so glad you like your little painting, I LOVED the one you sent me, you are such a talented artist with a true gift for painting beautiful ladies and i am very lucky to receive something from you.

I just read the comment above from Tammie Lee, how awesome that you met at the post office and shared in the fun of opening the parcel, that made me smile so much :)

I will be doing a big blog post later in February with photos of all the mail art together, so keep an eye out for your's then :)

Thank you so much for swapping

Micki x

Joanne Huffman said...

It's always a delight to get treasures in the mail. Your "finding feathers" piece is lovely.

vicki said...

Hi Abigail-
Your paintings are incredible - the detail is just amazing - I loved the way you framed the "feathers" painting - just perfect!

Thank you for visiting me - leaving comments - and for becoming a part of my blogging family of friends. I wish you the best of luck in the contest!


Lisa Graham Art said...

It was fun to participate in the art swap. I love both pieces here...the one you got from Micki and the one you created as well. They both capture the feminine spirit so well.

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Sweet Abigail,
Such a beautiful piece from Micki in every way - lifting your spirits with those beautiful words of whispering secrets!
Your swap is equally beautiful with eyes so full of expression and contemplation.
Those feathers are spectacular!
How does one beautiful woman like you create so much beauty?
Love your beautiful spirit and sending big big hugs,

Viola said...

So beautiful, and I just love the woman with the Indian feathers! =)