Thursday, February 17, 2011

And the Winner is....

This years OWOH gathering of artists and art lovers has been such a sweet blessing! I have received so many loving comments from over 400 bloggers, and know many will be a continual inspiration as our friendships grow.
One comment from a lady in new South Wales, Australia touched me deeply and i was so excited when the random number generator pulled her out as the winner of the mixed media painting i created for this event!

Congratulations to Suzyqu, lover of the beautiful, and very talented, creative fabric & fibre artist! This 'Little Bird' will be winging it's way to your home 'down under' shortly!

My deepest thanks to Lisa Swifka for bringing this gathering of like-minded artful souls together and giving us so many precious moments of joy on this journey! And like Lisa said in her recent post, WE MAY BE CLOSING THE DOOR TO ONE WORLD ONE HEART BUT WE ARE OPENING A NEW DOOR TO OUR WORLD OUR ART in 2012!


Tammie said...

yea to the lucky winner!!

How fun that your beautiful art with be living down under, surely it is making the way for you to follow some day.... ;-}

sending love,


Luthien said...

OOOOOO!!! congrats SUZY!!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Abigail
Can't tell you how unreal all this goodness feels - to have won such an incredible piece of art by an incredibly heartfelt lady. Thank you so much for being given a chance to receive this "Little Bird" who will very shortly be flying to my home where it will live so happily in my home of warmth and creativity.
It is truely gorgeous and I am just so appreciative to have a piece of your creativity.
Big Hugs, Suzy

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hurray to your very lucky winner. This piece is BEAUTIFUL. Any chance that you will be creating prints? I look forward to following your blog and sharing your journey. Theresa

funkyluke said...

Hi my sweets.. you are my winner from funkylukecosmicart.. the felt dolphin wall hanging.. number 405 on the could you please email your
hugs and peace Laura

ChristineDruryRiverLoverTeacherFriend said...

This is so beautiful. What a joy to be able to paint your own prayer... How fun to share the warmth of your creations with each other!
<3 Christine