Sunday, February 20, 2011

happy birthday tammie!

today is the birthday of one of my oldest, dearest long-time friends (over 35 yrs.!!) mz. tammie lee (of 'spirithelpers', and 'beauty flows' blogs). we met while in our 20's when our old boy-friend's were musical partners in so. california. then 6 years ago tammie came to visit me here in montana, and ended up living in a little log cabin next to our home, and she has never left!

we had a beautiful evening toasting in a new year, and sharing a delicious meal at wasabi's, and i created this painting for her as a birthday gift. since her 'word' for the year is 'listen', i painted a heart with the word, held close to the heart of the listening lady. my sister lori (lori-diane blog) had given me some vintage wallpaper that became the background for this painting.

'knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens' ~jimi hendrix

'since in order to speak, one must first listen, learn to speak by listening
i should sell my tongue and buy a thousand ears when that one steps near and begins to speak'

'be still, and know that I AM God' ~psalm 46:10


Tammie said...

dearest Abigail,
you have planted a smile in my heart. your grace, ability to listen and know how to give is the most special gift a person can receive, I know this because I have been the recipient for all the wonderful years. Our evening together was beautiful and I thank you with love.

I LOVE your/my painting. It is on the wall above my desk where I can enjoy it so very often! I feel so honored that you were guided to make this for me.

Thank you
thank you
with love,

lori diane said...

your painting for tammie is beautiful. i know how much she means to you and am happy you had such a special birthday together. i'm so glad you have been able to use the papers i gave you you.

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh such a beautiful painting for
Tammie. Those old friendships are precious and treasured. She writes so beautifully and it is a true gift.
My fabric and fibre work speak my words. We truely listen when in stillness as there is true movement in stillness!
Hari Om!

Joanne Huffman said...

A lovely painting for an obviously treasured friend.Old friendships are gifts for our souls.

Cinner said...

Hi I came over from Tammies blog. I love the picture you painted for her. you are very talented. I am a new follower. take care. your blog is beautiful.

Diane said...

I was at Tammie's blog and saw this wonderful artpiece--she's beautiful. I love hearing stories of friendships that last this long. I didn't know that Lori was your sister!! Talent most definitely runs in the family!~

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Beautiful and inspiring work!So special and gorgeous! I love Tammie and her world.. and think she is pretty fabulous..that must mean you are pretty fabulous too! Shine on..lovely to meet you! Gorgeous talent you have..

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Hello Abigail,
I'm a blogfriend of Tammie's and came over after seeing your beautiful birthday gift for her. Truly lovely, as is the rest of your artwork.

Deirdra Doan said...

How pretty!!! really..wonderful.
Join and go to the conferances of the SCBWI in your state or near by if you want to know lots about the children's book world of writing and illustrating. I would also talk to you on the phone sometime if you want.

I am not sure about the book on the video..but "The Tomten" is a great little book. I think the video is from cards.

Lisa Oceandreamer Swifka said...

What glory to celebrate with a dear friend and gift them with the bounty that is your art. I love the art you did for her, it carries so much meaning I am sure she loved it.
Having friends for years and years is the best....there is that unconditional love that knows no bounds.
I LOVE how your blog looks....I want to go romping through the forest.

I am still looking for the perfect frames for the beauty you sent me.
Sending big hugs,

kasthurirajam said...